Acrylic Waterproofing


Acrylic Roof Structure is planned to always waterproof most new or existing roofs with positive drainage, including roofs with low gradients and difficult flashings. The system consists of two main components premium elastomeric liquid acrylic coating. The entrenched between multiple layers of the coating to jointless, seamless, high flexible membrane that can last indeterminately with negligible maintenance. flashings are simply painted in place and very beautiful.

Fields of Application

  • Roof Slab and Deck
  • Roof Garden
  • Terrace and Slop
  • Wooden Roof and Deck
  • Metal and Asphalt
  • Swimming Pool & Reservoir

Features and Benefits

  • Resistant to UV & Weather Conditions
  • No Extra Load on the Roof
  • It is Non-Toxic in Nature
  • Abrasion Resistant, Easy to Apply
  • According to ASTM 40% of Elongation
  • Higher Compressive Strength