Floor Hardener


Floor Hardener is a specially formulated product comprising accurately weighed cementitious materials a high-quality natural aggregate which has been graded. and particle sizes suitable for flooring. It has been used regularly in Bangladesh for almost 20 years. Floor Hardener is the most economical and widely used method to make your factory or warehouse floor harder. Based on your choice, we are providing different colored floor hardeners like Grey, Green, Red, Blue and many more color.

Fields of Application

  • Manufacturing Area (Food & Beverage)
  • Processing Area (Meat, Fishing etc.)
  • Packaging Area (Flexible & Non-Flexible)
  • Service Area (Workshop, Motors etc.)
  • Heavy Loaded Area (Warehouses, Loaded Area)
  • Industrial Area (Textile, Spinning, Apparels etc.)

Features and Benefits

  • Penetrate into the Surface & Decrease Porosity
  • Heavy Duty Longlasting Floor
  • Non-Rustic, Anti-Slip Finish
  • Reduced Surface Dusting
  • Permanent and Attractive shine
  • Durable & Economical¬†