Admixture Suppliers


Admixtures that affect the work ability of a concrete combination will also affect the slump, which is a test of the consistency of the mix. The slump of a mix with the same aggregate, cement and water can very significantly by adding an admixture such as a high-range water-reducing admixture, which will increase the strength and provide greatly increased workability with the addition of excessive amounts of water. The admixture does not reduce the quality of the material bubbles are entrained in concrete using an air-entraining

Fields of Application

  • Waterproofing Casting
  • Short Curing Casting
  • Heavy Strength Casting
  • Delay Curing Casting
  • Salt & Chemical Area Casting
  •  Ready Mix

Features and Benefits

  • Early Strengths, Quick Setting
  • Integral Waterproofing
  • Admixture Make Slurry, Better Bonding
  • Increase Concrete Density
  • Salt & Chemical Resistance
  • Development Work Ability