ETP Protective Coating


ETP coting is two components, solvent free, pitch epoxy resin system high chemicals protective coating concrete and metal from wide strength of aggressive chemicals circular clarification is most commonly used the processor in a way it acts as classification step of affluent MSPL has wide experience of the turnkey project on Water Treatment Plant.

Fields of Application

  • Effluent Treatment Tank, Drains
  • Sweage Treatment Tank & Pipeline
  • Splash Zone, Pipe, Shore Structures
  • Concrete & Metal Structures
  • Heavy Chemical Area
  • Steel Sheet, Pipe, Metal etc.
    up Felt SBS Modified on
  • Structure
    Elongation 40%
  • Economical Solution

Features and Benefits

  • Stops Corrosion and Erosion Completely.
    Excellent Resistance to Electricity (ASTM D1000)
  • Effective Moisture Barrier (ASTM D570)
  • Dot Matrix Coating, Can Repair Easily
  • Non-Toxic for Animals and the Environment
    Cost Effective Project Specific Solutions