PU Industrial Flooring


Polyurethane Flooring is a HD resin floor with excellent resistancee to aggressive chemicals. It ofers a smooth protective floor finish, suitable for applications in largeiy dry environments. It is compressed and impermeabie, providing the ideal tloor hnish for applications in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries like food processing inciuding clean room, laboratory, packing hall &warehouse and wherever a healthy, long lived floor s required Polyurethane Flooring has been widely used through-out the industry tor more than 40 years; many of the old and heavy-duty floors are still in service.

Fields of Application

  • Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Hotel, Kitchen
    warenouse, Chemicals, Engineering, afo
    Food Processifn8, Beverage, Packaging
    Textiles, Spinning, Denim, Dyeing & Kniting
    Any Kinds of Heavy Load Area

Features and Benefits

  • Ant-Corrosive, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal
    Seamless, Joint Less, Easy to Ciean
    SOlvent Free, Hyegienic, Food Grade
  • High Chemical Resistance, Sllip Resistance,
  • High Impact Resistance & Compressive gth
  • All Types of Industries Floor
    Long Las thg, Dira be & konomca