Retrofitting work

Methods Statement of Micro-Concrete Encasement/ Column Jacketing

  • Chiseling the surface and removal of plaster/ loose or deteriorated concrete.
  • Prior to chiseling, sufficient propping is required as per consultant’s suggestion.
  • Anchor the main bar as per structural drawings using La Barfix.
  • Fix the shear connectors using La Barfix as per structural design.
  • Apply epoxy-bonding agent over the prepared surface using La Bond EP by Brush.
  • Shutter the surface and seal the gaps in between the formwork using La Terra Plug
    to prohibit leaking of micro concrete.
  • Mix the micro Concrete (La Struc Rep MC 40/60/70/80) with water powder ratio of
    0.16-0.18 and Pour the same.
  • Finally remove the Formwork and spray curing compound (La Curecrete WB) or carry
    out the curing using water in conventional way.